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EMTOMO offers consulting services in the use of EM methods:

Feasibility studies

The geophysical response of a particular geology depends on rock physical properties and its crucial to know which method and instrument are the best to reach a searched target. Feasibility studies carried out by forward calculations and inversion can aid the planning of a survey design improving data quality and decreasing field time.

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Inversion of EM/Resistivity and IP ground data

Inversion of EM data acquired with modern instruments (multi coils or multi frequency) allows to get the subsurface conductivity and/or magnetic susceptibility and chargeability distribution in one, two or three dimensions till a depth and resolution that depend on the instrument characteristics. The obtained image can be correlated with the geology, water, and clay content if additional information collected from wells is available.

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Inversion of airborne VLF-EM data

In the past VLF-EM was considered a “qualitative” geophysical method. Nowadays and thanks to the development of inversion algorithms it is possible to extract more information from those data. In general good correlation with structural geology is obtained from the inversion of VLF airborne data, as well as, information about important targets with mining interest.

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