VLF2Dmf is a program for 2D inversion of VLF-EM data (multifrequency) based of the finite element (FE) method. The inversion subroutines are based on the Occam's method.

Main Features are:

  • Processing data (filtering, Empirical Mode Decomposition, Decimation, Interpolation, data edition);
  • Fraser and Karous-Hjelt filters;
  • 2D Occam inversion of VLF-EM data (multifrequency, two algorithms of inversion, topography included);
  • 2D forward modeling (model edition);
  • Map view of the survey and of the models calculated for the survey lines.
  • Inclusion of wells information.

The forward modelling package is very useful for teaching. Students can study the response of different structures and bodies, as well as, the effect of the topography.